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The Secret Story of America's
Unknown Atomic Spy Conspiracy


Below you will find some useful links to other information which supports and expands upon that which you find here in the Bombshell Atomic Espionage WebSite.

square.gif (171 bytes)Atomic Archive
   This site explores the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb -     a crucial turning point for all mankind.

square.gif (171 bytes)"Secret No More"
   Index of All Publicly Accessible FBI Files

square.gif (171 bytes)The Costs of the Manhattan Project
    Statistics from the Brooking Institute's Nuclear Weapons Costs Project

square.gif (171 bytes)Fifty Years From Trinity
   On 7/16/45, the date of the first atomic bomb explosion, everything changed forever.

square.gif (171 bytes)Web Review: Secrets - The Rosenberg Cables Chronology
   The NSA released 49 cables as a part of its initial Venona declassification. Of  those,     only 20 mention the Rosenbergs.  This is a hyperlinked chronology.

square.gif (171 bytes)Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Physics...
    Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Physics, Atomic Physics, Nuclear
    Physics, Particle Physics.

square.gif (171 bytes)VENONA History Page
    Introductory History of VENONA.

square.gif (171 bytes)British and American Policy on Intelligence Archive  

square.gif (171 bytes)FAS Public Interest Report July/August 1994
   Conscience, arrogation and the atomic scientists.

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